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How does it work?

Teachers complete an online volunteer request form that includes their volunteer needs and timing. Using our proprietary web-based matching system, the Helpwell team searches and identifies the perfect volunteer(s) to fill that request. We connect the teacher and the volunteer who then work together to create a unique learning experience for the students. 


Helpwell Job Roles

We’re looking for parents and community members that are interested in volunteering for 1 hour a week (or more, if you are interested)!

Helpwell Coordinators

Our coordinators manage the process of matching the volunteer to the teachers requests. Using our online system, the coordinators will field inbound teacher requests to find the appropriate volunteer match. They will manage logistics and provide support to the teachers and volunteers and follow up after to gather feedback. 

School Influencers (1 volunteer per school)

Our influencers will cultivate and recruit parents to volunteer as part of Helpwell. They will work with the school principal, teachers and parents/community within their school to raise awareness about Helpwell’s purpose, to encourage teacher involvement, and recruit parent/community volunteers.   


Our communications team will help support one or more of the following communications tools: website, social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), monthly volunteer newsletters, monthly teacher newsletters. 

Curriculum Lead Generator

With the support of the subject area supervisors, this volunteer will review the curriculum and generate ideas for how Helpwell volunteers can enhance the classroom learning. This is a great position for someone with a background in education. 

Presentation Support

We’re looking for a volunteer who can help to create tools (templates, guides, videos, etc.) for the volunteer providers to support their presentations in the classroom. This would be a great opportunity for someone in public relations or training.

Volunteer Recognition

The volunteer recognition role is for a creative and detail oriented person who’s interested in helping us develop ways to recognize the many volunteers in Helpwell and the Hopewell School District. 

Let Us Know You’re Interested

Volunteer for a job listed above or to work with students in a class. Click the link to Volunteer – I want to volunteer for Helpwell.